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Happy Village is a place where relaxation comes easily. People come here to learn new things about themselves, to enjoy silence and solitude, and to find peace of mind. It's also a place to meet others who are interested in integrating a spiritual dimension into their lives. As one retreat guest remarked: "Happy Village is the spa for the soul!"

The beautiful 5 acre campus reflects and respects all that is good about the gardens and trees of upstate Chennai - fresh air, quiet, close to nature. Stay comfortable and safe in this nurturing and spiritual atmosphere.

Happy Village is staffed by volunteers who have benefited from the spiritual insights and practices offered by the Brahma Kumaris and therefore give their time freely and happily. All our retreats, workshops, and courses are run by experienced facilitators who have years of experience as Raja Yoga practitioners and teachers. Many also hold various professional qualifications and are very aware of the dynamics of bringing spirituality into everyday life.